CD Fulkes Middle School





Lobby on the Lawn

Starting at 10:00 (30 min before service), there will be food, coffee, and games out on our "Lobby on the Lawn” where we will have a special time for you to come, hang out, and have fun! We’d love to get to know you!


If you are a first time guest, we have special parking that is reserved just for you! We consider you our VIP!


Make sure to arrive with enough time before service to check your kids into our amazing Awaken Kids area. Here, they will learn how to Meet Jesus, Love Others, Be a Leader, and most importantly, Have Fun! 



We know what it’s like going somewhere new and trying to figure out how to dress and what to expect, but at Awaken Church, we just want you to come comfortable!

Meet The Schencks

Every Sunday after service, Pastor Ben and Savanna will be out on the Lobby on the Lawn, and they would love to meet you! We want to get to know you and help you become a part of our lives at Awaken Church!




At Awaken Church, our kids ministry is not just a place to drop your children off. This is a place where your kids can thrive. Your kids will get to play games, spend time being social, and have fun! Whether they are in Nursery, Pre-K or Elementary our mission statement for our kids ministry is that they Meet Jesus, Love Others, Be a Leader, and HAVE FUN!


Meet Jesus

We hold our Kids Ministry to the highest standards! We want to make sure that your kids not only have a blast with us, but can do so in a clean environment.

Love Others

Same goes with safety! We want your kids to be able to play and enjoy their time, and for you to be able to enjoy yours at Sunday service knowing that your kids are as safe as can be!

Be A Leader

We believe that God has designed each of us for great things. That’s why want to equip and encourage your kids with skills, knowledge, and confidence to lead in their own little mission field.

Have Fun

We are so excited to set up an environment where your kids can be themselves and have a blast learning about Jesus! Thats why we provide upbeat kid specific services for your kids to enjoy.


*We didn’t forget about you, mom! We have a space just for you to hang out with your kid if you need to. There will be toys and games for them to play with.



CD Fulkes Middle School

300 W. Anderson Ave.

Round Rock, TX 78664

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